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SpyCorp For iPhone,iPad and iPod touch

Spy, jump, fly, puzzle, and fight your way through an absurd story of espionage and deception in SpyCorp: A physics-based action/puzzle platformer. Armed with gadgets like jetpacks and smoke bombs, you attempt to foil the plot of a diabolical madman and save the world — which turns out to involve sneaking in shadows, overcoming dimwitted enemy agents and their devious bosses, bungee jumping and grappling, solving mini-puzzles, climbing walls with super suction cups, and swimming with sharks… with laser beams attached to their heads!


— 50 replayable levels across 5 different environments
— Old school arcade gameplay blended with modern Game physics
— Customizable controls: use either direct touch or virtual buttons that you can resize and re-position anywhere
— Modern 3D animation in a retro-inspired 2D world
— Original spy story with quirky characters
— Diverse spy gadgets provide multiple ways to progress through levels
— More than 30 achievements plus leaderboards in GameCenter and OpenFeint
— Original spy-themed interactive musical score
— Frequent updates and a direct line to the devs, let us know what you want next, whether it’s more levels, more characters, more gadgets, multiplayer, or something else entirely!

You can purchase SpyCorp from app store for $0.99 USD. [App Store link]

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SpycorpSpyCorp 1.0.1

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