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Stainless steel iPod nano watch kit arrives

The Paradox is an intelligent take on the iPod nano watch meme by a New Brunswick, New Jersey-based college student named Kunal Sheth. His Kickstarter-funded conversion kit turns your miniature music player into a really professional-looking modern timepiece. Keeping style and functionally in mind, the kit contains a case which completely encloses the device into a brushed stainless steel housing with rubber silicone straps. Each case is serialized and has a flap that provides access to the 30-pin dock connector while protecting the music player from dust and dirt. Go past the break for more information and a nice video tour.


On the right side you’ll find the power button and the external volume buttons corresponding to the iPod nano’s volume controls, really lending the whole thing a classic watch feel to it. And because the guts of this watch is Apple’s iPod nano, Cupertino Movement is engraved on the back. There’s also the limited edition Titanium Paradox model (only 299 ever to be manufactured) which comes with a genuine leather strap. To find out more, hop over at Sheth’s Kickstarter page. The Paradox will retail for $79.

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