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Star Marine: Infinite Ammo v1.0.1 added platform in level 2, and more

Star Marine: Infinite AmmoStar Marine: Infinite Ammo is an impeccably fast paced, console grade run n’ gun action Game that fully utilizes the gaming power of Apple’s latest touch devices. Gamers will quickly recognize Star Marine’s style of play and enjoy the Game’s level of precision and polish.

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo is available for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. Star Marine: Infinite Ammo is pricing at $1.99. You can purchase Star Marine: Infinite Ammo from here,or you can download Star Marine: Infinite Ammo IPA from the link given below.

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo Description:
Star Marine: Infinite Ammo is the definitive Run n’ Gun experience! You play as Arc, a battle hardened drifter who is captured by an alien race in the depths of space. Arc’s capturers plan to enslave him and put his strength to work. But, Arc has other plans. He is a trained and elite Star Marine and in a fury of bullets he is going to take them all down!

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo WEAPONS:
Assault Rifle – Arc’s Ol’ Faithful. A Star Marine Standard Issue rapid fire fully automatic
The Reaper – Plasma propelled rocket launcher with upgradable enemy seeking ammunition
The Decimator HD – Tactile, high explosive grenade launcher
The Crippler – Devastating spread fire shotgun for use on multiple targets
The XF Combustor – Intense heat flamethrower for maximum damage to organics
Storm Cannon – Advanced lightening chain gun capable of targeting several enemies simultaneously
Ion Torch – beams a focused blast of charged ION’s for maximum stopping power

Battle a unique boss during each level of play. Utilize the right weapon and identify boss’ weaknesses to ensure your success.

Star Marine is packed with the Run n’ Gun action you know and love. Engage multiple enemies in a non-stop fire-fight from start to finish!

Unleash the true power of your iPhone, iPad, or IPod touch and experience Star Marines blazing fast and adrenaline packed gameplay!

Select from 7 high power weapons with infinite ammo. Will you choose The XF Combustor for roasting flying insect attackers or the The Reaper for seeking out and destroying strategic targets? Upgrade and advance all 7

Equip and carry up to 2 weapons and several battle aids with you into each battle. Tailor your arsenal to inflict maximum damage on organic and mechanical boss and enemy types!

Compete for the fastest time to beat all 10 bosses or test your skill against wave after wave of enemies!

Complete up to 80 unique game challenges and over 30 Game Centre Achievements. Compete with friends in the Game Centre Leaderboards

What’s New in Star Marine: Infinite Ammo Version 1.0.1

– slightly increased the speed of the game to increase pacing and reduce floaty feel
– minor performance increase across all devices
– added a few new challenges
– increased gem reward for completing challenges
– fixed rare crash where player has reached the end of the level by only using their secondary weapon but loose it before the level is ended
– fixed issue with game center achievement notification not being displayed correctly
– fixed game freezing when submitting leaderboard data during no connection
– slightly reduced cost of some weapons
– increased gem reward for challenges
– added platform in level 2 so performing a double jump is not required to progress
– increased frame skipping on second generation iPod Touch for better performance on second generation iPod Touch

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo ipa

Star Marine: Infinite Ammo cracked ipa

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