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StarBunker:Guardians2 HD v1.2 added GameCenter and OpenFeint

StarBunker Guardians2 HDStarBunker:Guardians2 HD for iPad:

Our previously released StarBunker sequel, “The Guardians”, has received a large amount of favorable reviews and won “the best iPad Game award “and ranked No.1 iPad games (China) in 2011. Now, the new sequel “StarBunker2” is here to shock your eyes!

The best quality, new system, brand new screens and characters will give you an ultimate experience!

The Game contains many novel designs, such as technology tree, a variety of units, special topography, gorgeous and powerful skills, varying playing styles, and more freedom. This is the must-play game in 2012 and is ready for you to challenge.

The vast and boundless universe, colorful and beautiful planet, intoxicating battlefield, menacing aliens….When the chilled steel meets fanatical aliens, who is going to live to the end? The most powerful “StarBunker2” is now strongly releasing at App Store in 2012. Leading your marine to regain the planet that has been taken by the aliens! You are the chosen one to rescue the federation!

-The original “technology tree” upgrade system plays an important role in the game; your choice of it will help you pass a level.

-36 well-designed battlefields, 10 kinds of different functions of arms, 24 kinds of menacing aliens and a variety of game designs will absolutely attract you. Let’s get the blood pumping!

-There are multi-line scientific and technical development and game levels you can select from.

-The addition of bunker, highlands, valleys and special terrain will bring more fun to the game. It will be your call to choose to increase the shooting range of weapons, or to be immune to aliens’ special effects.

-Specifically gorgeous and powerful effect, plus 9 kinds of skills will help you to defend your base. Some tips of micro-operation will eliminate dull moment in other TD games.

-The perfect real-time strategy game will keep your unforgotten moment and recall your wonderful memory!

What’s New in Version 1.2

1. In order to repay the support of a large number of users, in particular, we adjusted tech tree crystal upgrade consumption, and greatly improved the crystal reward after passing each level.
2. Fixed bug of number of crystal reward problem.
3. Added GameCenter and OpenFeint.

StarBunker Guardians2 HD ipa

StarBunker Guardians2 HD cracked ipa

StarBunker Guardians2 HD cracked IPA for iPad:

Version 1.2: SlingFile

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