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StatusBarSeconds Helps You Knowing If Device Frozen

Just for whatever reason, after you jailbroken your iOS device, it will be frozen in some time or stuck in somewhere of your screen. However, you are not really sure that which time is the real frozen or stuck. There is, a jailbreak tweak in Cydia called”StatusBarSeconds” is the solution that would helps you to confirm if your device is frozen or not.

StatusBarSecondsAfter you have StatusBarSeconds installed,it will automatically adds seconds to the StatusBar Clock.

Every time you feel your iOS device is frozen but you are not sure, then you can just look up the StatusBar clock, if the seconds is turning, means your device is OK but just need a seconds to take action, otherwise, real frozen and stuck. So this little tweak is handy and useful.

And, this tweak is free on Cydia under bigboss repo. Requires iOS 4 or higher. There is no options to configure and no icons added to the home screen.If you are the one who having device frozen problem sometimes, just head over and install this tweak. Unfortunately, this tweak is not helping you to solve the frozen problem. 🙁

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