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Steve Jobs announced Apple’s shareholders to succession planning has been the official opposition

Apple CEO Steve Jobs fear  physical health problems, Apple’s shareholder meeting held on Wednesday urged the General Assembly to request an open discussion of Apple Steve Jobs succession issues.

Middle of last month Apple announced that Jobs health problems because of personal sick leave, this is the third time Steve Jobs on sick leave due to health problems. Since Apple released little information about the succession issue Steve Jobs has long been a hot topic shareholders.

So far unclear whether Jobs will be present to the General Assembly of shareholders on Wednesday, but two years ago, Jobs for the same reason, are unable to attend the Meeting.

This time, Jacksonville, Illinois (Jacksonville) retirement funds of workers in Central (Central Laborer’s Pension Fund) urged shareholders to request the General Assembly on Wednesday, Apple issued a written “succession planning policy.” According to the succession plan, the Apple board succession plan will be evaluated annually to maintain an emergency succession plan, and to “identify and develop in-house successors.”

The plan also calls for Apple released a report, to identify possible candidates to become CEO, and to assess the candidates of the specific standards. “While Apple are holding a credit zhi attitude, said a number of shareholders had accepted the proposal. Apple also said will be such a “secret goals and plans” is not made public the best interests of shareholders.

Sick leave since last month has been announced, Steve Jobs’s health has always been a mystery. “Wall Street Journal” reported last weekend, after sick leave, Jobs is still involved in the company’s major decisions, and held in the home or by telephone conference. The gossip magazine “National Enquirer” posted a recent photograph of a Steve Jobs that his body is very weak.

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