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Steve Jobs comic book biography arriving in August


Steve Jobs books are becoming a publishing phenomenon. As Apple grows bigger and gets more influence in the world, the public is obviously eager to learn more about the black-clad, charismatic CEO of the most valuable technology company in the world. While the official biography entitled ‘iSteve: The Book of Jobs’ won’t arrive before early next year, comic book publisher Bluewater Productions figured it could jump on the bandwagon with a release of their own. Entitled ‘Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple’, this comic book seeks to provide an insight into the Apple CEOs legendary drive to the top and his continuing fight to stay there. From the official blurb:

Steve Jobs is nearly as iconic as his company logo. He’s been called an innovator, risk-taker, a visionary and a genius. He’s also been called unscrupulous, an egomaniac and a corporate pirate. Both sides of this complex personality are examined in an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic book tracing Jobs’ life and career.

Writer Chris Schmidt penciled the 32-page comic book. And you gotta love the cover artwork, credited to DC artist Joe Phillips. ‘Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple’ will be available beginning August in comic shops and bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders, priced at just four bucks. Pre-orders on Amazon are now live. Check out another pitch from the Amazon product page:

Steve Jobs is a very elusive individual. He strays from the public eye. He keeps to himself. He’s not a paparazzi driven, media-hungry entity. He’s a creator, an inventor, a genius. And he’s the brains behind some of Apple’s biggest items. Learn here the story behind the man, the legend of Steve Jobs. Get the inside scoop on what drives him to create and where his first need for intelligence came from. From his first Apple computer all the way to the newest inventions, learn how this man has shaped the company, and himself, for the better.

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