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Sticky Ball HD On Sale For $0.99-Limited Time Only

Sticky Ball HD is a new Game released for iPad only and now it’s for sale for $0.99 for a very limited time. You can find Sticky Ball HD for iPad from here: [App store link]

Extend Sticky Ball’s arm to perform amazing acrobatics to reach the target!

Guide Sticky Ball through levels of complex obstacles to reach the target as quickly as you can. Extend Sticky Ball’s arm to grab onto the steel beams, spinning gears, metal crates, and other objects to pull Sticky Ball through each level.

Be careful! Don’t let Sticky Ball fall! Sticky Ball has amazing abilities to swing and fly through each levels, but you have to find the best way to guide Sticky Ball to each target.

Upload your score using Game Center integration!

Sticky Ball HD

Sticky Ball HD ipa

Download Sticky Ball HD v1.o cracke IPA for iPad

Download Full Version

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