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Stop iPhone HDR from Saving Two Photos

iPhone’s HDR mode takes great pictures, there’s no doubt about that. What is not so great for avid photographers is that when you have HDR mode enabled, the iPhone will store two versions of all photos you take, which at 5 megapixels a pop can quickly consume an iPhones available storage. For some situations, the two photos look so similar that they just look like duplicates too.

The solution is to stop iPhone from saving both the normal and HDR exposures:

  • Tap on “Settings” and scroll and tap on “Photos”
  • Under the “HDR (High Dynamic Range)” option, slide the “ON” button to “OFF” next to “Keep Normal Photo”
  • Close out Settings

From here on out, if you have choose to take an HDR photo, only the HDR exposure will be saved. As before, if you aren’t using HDR then the normal picture will still be saved. This makes a lot more sense to me and I’m slightly confused why storing the duplicates is the default option.

Disabling this feature prevents duplicate image storage and will save you a lot of storage space over time. Admittedly, this will be much less necessary when iCloud rolls out this fall since the photos will be stored automatically in iClouds free 5GB plan, if you use it at least.


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