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Strata Launches Design 3D CX Version 7

Strata introduced Strata Design 3D CX v.7 to Mac users everywhere, accompanied by discounted introductory pricing on full and upgrade versions. With a Windows release on the horizon, this announcement also marks the beginning of Strata’s Free Upgrade Program for PC owners who want to purchase version 6 today and get a head start on their 3D design skills. The program guarantees a free upgrade to version 7 for Windows when it is released in the months ahead.

Strata Design 3D CX modeling and animation software is for creative designers who desire superior results and usability. Design 3D CX delivers end-to-end power for the entire 3D workflow, with a simplified learning curve and familiar toolset developed to help 2D designers easily transition into 3D design. The program also provides tie-ins with the Adobe(R) Creative Suite(R), improving and simplifying the design workflow between 2D and 3D environments.

Key updates to the Strata Design 3D CX v.7 release include:
* Faster rendering and advances to blurred effects, anisotropy and more
* Sun and Sky feature for natural lighting effects
* Native UV editing environment for perfect texturing control
* New texture features, including channels for Normal and Anisotropy maps
* Subdivision modeling enhanced with extensive pro-level features
* New Boolean modeling engine produces superior results
* Grid Templates that act as virtual tracing paper for modeling reference images
* Match Motion helps users put their 3D designs into actual video
* Project templates get projects started with predefined lighting, environments and backgrounds
* Customizable keyboard shortcut sets for user-defined workflows
* Compatible with Apple OS X Lion

“Everyone at Strata is really excited about this major update to our flagship product,” said Ken Bringhurst, Strata President. “We set out with an ambitious plan to update the program with the most requested enhancements from our customer base and I think we nailed it with this effort. Even our most discriminating pro users have been raving about the new features and improved functionality.”

Capture, Create, Design and Deliver with the Strata CX Suite:
When purchased as part of the Strata 3D CX Suite, Design 3D CX is delivered with three companion applications at a 50% discount over purchasing all of the products individually. Strata Foto 3D allows users to capture and turn real-world objects into 3D models using a simple digital camera. Strata Enfold 3D creates 3D packaging from 2D artwork in Adobe Illustrator(R). Strata Live 3D makes it easy to deliver and share interactive 3D content on the Internet. For a limited time, the CX Suite is discounted even further through Strata’s special launch pricing.

Design 3D Training Available at Strata 3D University:
Strata 3D University is Strata’s online video training center. It makes learning Design 3D easy and fun, with professional tutorials on all aspects of the application and the 3D design workflow, including modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, scene composition and rendering. Visit www.strata3duniversity.com to learn more.

Purchasing and Availability:
Strata Design 3D Version 7.0 for Mac is available immediately from the Strata website or through Strata’s reseller partners. For a complete list of discounted launch pricing for full and upgrade versions, visit the Strata online store. Individuals who purchase Design 3D v.6 for PC are eligible for a free upgrade when the product is released in the months ahead.

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