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Streets of Rage 2 Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Streets of Rage 2Streets of Rage 2 Description

As one of four skilled fighters, take to the streets and battle your way through the corruption that grips the city in order to save your friend Adam from the clutches of Mr. X.

Adam, the city’s original hero, has been kidnapped and it’s up to Skate, Axel, Blaze, and Max to save him. The city is overrun with hardened thugs and criminals, but armed with your amazing fighting abilities, you’ll be well equipped to take down these villains and save Adam and the rest of your city!

Dozens of fighting techniques are at your disposal! Use each fighter’s unique attacks to take on the crowd.

Utilize knives, lead pipes, katana, golf clubs, and grenades to take down everyone in your path!

Play alongside friends with Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer multiplayer (Bluetooth required – available only for 3rd generation iPhone & iPod touch and 3.x OS or better)!

Access the original Japanese version, Bare Knuckle II, by changing your device’s language!

Streets of Rage 2 ipa

Streets of Rage 2 cracked

Streets of Rage 2 cracked ipa

Download Streets of Rage 2 cracked IPA

Version 1.0.0: SlingFile |Mediafire

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