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Super Crazy Wars for iPhone-Review


Super Crazy Wars is an iOS Game for iPhone,iPad and iPod touch which is launched by Triniti Interactive Limited.The current version is 1.1.1 has been updated on May 11,2011. The Game is requires iOS 3.2 or later.Super CW is on App store for free in limited time.

The game has 25 awesome weapons and you can upgrade them after you clear the stage at the same time you will earn some game cash in order to buy weapons and roles(Total 6 roles).Since you cleared the stages,you also got the skill points which are using for upgrade the HP,MANA,DAMAGE,DEFENSE,SPECIAL and speed.Higher level of the roles or the skills,more powerful.The game nearly 100 unique enemy types and up close and personal attack action,cool soundtrack,full Game Center leaderboards and achievements.During the game,you can switch the roles anytime if you want just press one button(you can  have 3 of 6 in one time,press the equip/remove inside armory). In addition,you can choose any kinds of weapon that you have.There are 5 weapons can be using on each role.Every role has difference special skill.For personally, I would like to choose the second role whose name called Jake,awesome,faster and easier to control. Also not badly if you choose the first one called Max,higher damage but moving lower.More and more you can download one for yourself and give a try.Keep reading right after the break…

However,nothing is perfect,as well as this game having some insufficient things.Such as on the menu page,leaderboards and achievements buttons are sometime not working (You can see in my demo video below);the designed roles are almost the same,even the skills are nothing specially for single role(they only changed the color of the special skill(MANA);the game is too easy to clear the stages and I really don’t know how many stages exactly  have been designed into the game because I have been cleared 100 stages already but still keep going.One more thing, the game ‘stages are almost the same.So if you want me to give a conclusion of this game,I would say after the first 10 stages,you will feel it’s bored,nothing difference will be show on after that.But the thinking is up to you,this only is my personal view.Finally,you can download it on app store for free and try it,share your point of view with us later in the comments.Thanks.Let’s take a look more screenshot and my demo video below..



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