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SwitcherSettings Gives Jailbreak Users An Alternative To SBSettings


A new jailbreak tweak to hit Cydia this week, from Florian Denis (developer of another tweak, iReply), aims to offer an alternative to the popular SBSettings. The tweak, named SwitcherSettings, works by presenting your SBSettings toggles in the application switcher screen, offering easy access to various settings such as AirPlane Mode, Bluetooth and SSH.

SwitcherSettings is said to be completely compatible with any and all of your existing SBSettings toggles, and unlike SBSettings, it doesn’t require a respring when removing or adding toggles. You don’t even need SBSettings – you can remove it and SwitcherSettings can still run your toggles.

SwitcherSettings is fully compatible with all your SBSettings toggles, and presents them directly into iOS, offering a native user experience: a quick access to your settings, exactly like Apple would have coded it.

Finally, just like SBSettings you can see some vital information about your device including IP address and available memory, just swipe across to the second SwitcherSettings screen as seen above. SwitcherSettings is available from the BigBoss repo for $2.49 – running on devices capable of iOS 4.

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