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Tab Launcher Offers an Organized Alternative to the Dock

Tab Launcher is a new Mac App Store application by Oktoid that offers an organized alternative to the dock. Oktoid suggests using Tab Launcher in conjunction with the dock; however, those will little screen real estate may find they just don’t need it anymore.
The idea of TabLauncher is not to replace the system’s dock, but to help keeping it clean, with only the applications that are currently running. By removing all the application from the dock, and organizing them on tabs, you can quickly find and run any application you want.
Apart from that, you can create as many tabs as you like, and personalize them by setting the background color, title color and font. Just drag your favorite applications to your tabs, and it’s done! You can also rearrange the tabs by dragging them.
And even rearrange the hole TabLauncher. Just drag it to where ever you like along the sides or the bottom of the screen.

Next in line:
•Tones of skins will be added soon.
•Separators between applications.
•Editable Icons
•Labels on Icons
•And much more…
You can download Tab Launcher from the App Store free for a limited time.
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