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MobileMe to Finally Be Revamped Tomorrow?

MobileMe may finally get revamped tomorrow with new cloud storage features, according to a CultofMac source inside Apple. Here’s what they’ve been told: ● MobileMe is being revamped with cloud storage features. ● The iPad 2 is a ho-hum update. It’s more of a speed bump than a redesign. ● …

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Is Apple Planning to Release a Larger iPod touch?

Big iPod touch

While conflicting rumors have described both a larger screen and a smaller, cheaper iPhone model purportedly planned for this summer, one connected industry expert tells AppleInsider that Apple is also working to expand its tablet offerings with a Retina Display iPad 3 and new device that may be either a smaller …

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iPad 3 may be Release This Fall

iPad 3

iPad 2 is not come out yet but apple may be trying to launch iPad 3 to surprising apple fans. In a surprising move, Apple may be planning to launch a third iPad this fall, according to Daring Fireball and TechCrunch. While commenting about the HP TouchPad, Daring Fireball’s John …

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iPad 2 Won’t Be 2048×1536, iPad 3 Might Be?


Yet another report is disputing that the iPad 2 will feature a higher resolution 2048×1536 screen. “I think the Digitimes story probably got the resolution right, but the iPad version wrong,” Mainelli told PCWorld via e-mail. “Our sources say Apple has requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with that …

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