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The Banned Fake Scottish Siri Commercial

It’s a pretty slow day in the iOS world, so instead of making up rumors about the iPhone 9, we thought it’d be more entertaining to show you this video of a fake Scottish Siri commercial.And also check out this funny Siri argument video. [iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/SGxKhUuZ0Rc?rel=0″]

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CDTeam Releases H1Siri Hack for Download

A hacker group called CDTEAM has released their hack of Siri named H1Siri and their implementation of SiriProxy on GitHub. H1Siri was released back in December; however, it was immediately shut down after their servers were quickly overwhelmed and the hack gained widespread criticism for using unlicensed code. Since that time Chpwn …

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Legal Siri port for all jailbroken iOS 5 devices now available For Free

Since Apple unveiled Siri as an iPhone 4S-exclusive feature back in October, the entire jailbreak community has been waiting for it to be ported to older devices. We’ve seen videos of hackers running the digital assistant on non-4S hardware, but never a public release. Tonight it would seem like the wait is finally over, as …

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When Apple’s Siri Kills People [VIDEO]


If Apple’s hands-free assistant Siri one day turned against the human race and transformed into a freakishly evil killing machine, well, that would really, really suck. However improbable, that hypothetical situation is exactly the fodder Rooster Teeth Productions used to create the “Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Trailer)” clip below. The clever spoof shows Siri taunting, …

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You Can Now Search Best Buy With Siri

Wolfram Alpha has introduced new functionality that makes it possible to search Best Buy with Siri, reports TUAW. Just in time for the holidays, we’re introducing a new functionality that provides consumers with a unique approach to shopping. By leveraging data from Best Buy’s public APIs, Wolfram|Alpha users will now …

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How to Install Siri Proxy Tutorial [Video]

We are all know  how powerful Siri Proxy is. With Siri Proxy installed, you can tell Siri to do more things, such as turns off light, closes curtains..etc.. more and more. But, those hackers made that kind of things happened did’t tell us how to install Siri Proxy. However, thankfully, …

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Siri Can Do More: Turn off light, Close curtains…

Believe or not?We’re pretty much in love with Siri Proxy, and we’re not ashamed to admit it.Created by Pete “Plamoni” Lamonica, SiriProxy lets Siri interact with pretty much anything on a network, and people have done some pretty awesome things with it, ranging from opening car doors to launching apps …

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Using the Siri Proxy to watch videos on Plex

Not only can Siri and a Proxy Server start or lock you car, it can help you watch TV.  This is, of course, using the Siri Proxy we’ve talked about before with a Plex command line interface allows the developer, below, to start movies almost immediately. But, this works so quickly and effortlessly that we …

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