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Take A Look This Amazing Gold and Diamond MacBook Pro [PICS]

Wondering what if a MacBook Pro turns into with gold and diamond look like?Computer Choppers gives you the answer. Computer Choppers, a company specializing in extra-expensive remakes of various gadgets, has once again adorned an Apple MacBook Pro with gold and diamonds.

While the company’s original MacBook Pro remake was quite plain in appearance — except for the fact that it was made of gold — the latest version sports a custom design on the 24-carat gold plating, and the Apple logo is studded with diamonds.

The details about the products are scarce, but Computer Choppers have offered gold MacBook Pros in all three sizes before – 13, 15 and 17-inch – so it’s safe to assume that the new customizable golden MacBook Pro will be available with the specifications of your choosing.

Now, how much all of this might cost? No word to say about this. 200 thousand? Maybe!! Or more…Take a look the Gold and Diamond MacBook Pro gallery below.

[Via Mashable]
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