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Taposé to bring the once hyped Microsoft Courier functionality to iPad


Remember Microsoft Courier? Admit it, the folded dual-screen design and the resulting user interface around it was an eye-opener in the pre-iPad era. Too bad it was just a concept, right? Well, two developers decided to pick up where Microsoft left off and bring this once hyped Courier functionality to Apple’s device. They explain:

The creativity, productivity and attractive user interface coalesce into one outstanding product. The ingenious split interface design allows users to interact with multiple apps simultaneously in the company of Taposé collections.

Taposé is still in its infancy and developers welcome your financial support as they take time off of work to finish the project (something’s gotta pay for the rent and food). Features description and developer videos right after the break…

Taposé rocks full-screen split interface design that lets you drag and drop from Safari, drag addresses to Maps for directions, drag contacts over collections to share, finish calculations and more.

In addition, you can drop images, sticky notes, maps and other items onto the middle separation bar which acts as a temporary holder.

It also sports collections and the ability to create your own books with ease using font formatting, free draw, eraser, highlighter, sticky notes, image insert, list creation, among others.

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