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Telecom break iPhone4 burning No.difficulties technical facing policy risks

For CDMA version of iPhone4 good news indeed one after another, Guangdong Telecom Products last week announced the successful first CDMA version of iPhone4 dial telephone, recently, the Centre and in the micro-blog upload a CDMA version of the capture of iPhone4 “burn No. “(burn number refers to the carrier card information through a particular way information is written to the phone system, so that one of the phone card machines can run the business in China, the process of normal use on the network) technical difficulties of the message, This eager to experience the user of the product is undoubtedly a huge positive, because it means that technical issues are no longer barriers to telecommunications users iPhone4, and the rest I am afraid the only policy issue.

Is already technically feasible

Last week, Guangdong Telecom insiders broke the news at the micro-Bo, “as the CDMA version of iPhone4 crack completely overcome the last technical difficulties to write code, a voluntary group set up in Guangzhou is a place to launch the final offensive, it is learned as early as week Japan may have spread the good news. “not the result they expected, on Sunday, Guangdong Telecom Products left in the micro-blog” Yes, we gotit “, suggesting a successful CDMA version of iPhone4 burn number. According to report, due to the current flow of the market are the U.S. CDMA operator Verizon customized version of iPhone4, its network standard and China Telecom’s CDMA network is different, but there are some technical protection measures, and therefore need to be some network codec work, the Guangdong Telecom Products microblogging declaration means that these technical issues will undoubtedly have been overcome, and then put up a micro-blog on the real machine iPhone4 upper left corner of the eye-catching photos, “China Telecom 3G” words also confirmed this.

With the technical difficulties of being overcome the printing is about to release the CDMA version of the relevant telecommunications number of services iPhone4 firing rumors suddenly surge, first heard the beginning iPhone4 booking Changsha Telecom, the reporter found that there is indeed a kind of Changsha telecommunications services, but only to teach users how to route through the sharing and WiFi, 3G use iPhone4 Internet, there is no explicit reference to the burning CDMA version of iPhone4 No. matters; subsequently Zhejiang Telecom also reported a similar message, but was immediately denied by officials; the latest news China Guangdong Telecom has decided to burn as a CDMA version of iPhone4 pilot service number, you may begin to provide related services in June, but the reporter consulted stakeholders, Guangdong Telecom has not been a positive response, but was told to wait for all the Group’s decision.

Policy or have trouble

There is no doubt that the introduction of China Telecom CDMA version for the enthusiasm is very high iPhone4, which is to enhance its 3G services, brand image and attract a great opportunity in the high-end users, coupled with the telecommunications network itself Tianyi 3G coverage advantages, Guangdong Telecom insiders have told reporters that the successful introduction of iPhone4 and access to markets have strong confidence.

However be noted that the introduction of China Telecom CDMA version of iPhone4 whether it was equivalent to a “burning,” Service is actually two different things, even with the current version of the relevant CDMA iPhone4 “fire number” technical problems to break good news for support, do not mean large-scale promotion of China Telecom will “burn,” Service.

“There’s a more complex policy issues,” policy analyst Yang Shenzhen war group told reporters that the current domestic legal sales of mobile phones should have a Ministry of Industry and Radio Authority, the network license certification, before the reason why China Unicom than the U.S. version of iPhone4 several months to the evening in the Chinese market is so “as authorized”, but the flow of the market do not have the Verizon version of iPhone4 Obviously these conditions, “which is actually a parallel phone, in fact, has always had HTC, Motorola and other brands Verizon custom machine card one of the CDMA mobile phone in parallel circulation of the domestic market, but Telecom has never provided any formal fire service number, identity of scruples is parallel phone problem. “Yang said the group, the same is actually the body in the CDMA version of iPhone4 There is also, if the telecommunication number for large-scale burning of formal services, and that parallel, in a sense is to encourage the mobile phone market, which is sub-national policies, and even Apple’s interest that there are some conflicts.

Yang Qun therefore that the current finds a large scale to provide China Telecom CDMA version iPhone4 No service seems to have burned too optimistic, “China Telecom’s own hope that perhaps the most formal channels or through the introduction of iPhone4, as this is consistent with the long-term interests of the enterprise development . “

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