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Tethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2 now available


Phew, that was fast. Just hours after releasing iOS 4.3.2, enthusiasts have successfully jailbroke the firmware update for iPhone 4, iPad and third- and fourth-generation iPod touch. RedmondPie has a handy guide up. You need to know that this is a tethered solution, meaning you’ll have to tether your device to a computer each time you reboot. You will need custom PwnageTool bundles for iPhone 4, PwnageTool version 4.3 and tetheredboot utility. A Mac OS X machine and iTunes 10.2.1 are also necessary. Do not jailbreak if you’re device is unlocked because there is no Unlock for the new baseband on iOS 4.3.2 yet.

I will post the guide later…

More below..

I0n1c has confirmed that his Untethered jailbreak exploit is still working for iOS 4.3.2. This is surprising but good news for jailbreakers.

Apple has been nice. I just verified that the untether vulnerability is not fixed in iOS 4.3.2 – my Ipad 1 is running untethered jailbroken

Of course the public untether binaries will not work with iOS 4.3.2 – I have to generate new untether binaries with new dyld/kernel offsets

I won’t be able to create all the untether binaries before sunday, because I will be on planes, …

The dev-team cannot produce the untether binaries on their own, because they don’t have the source code to the untether exploit.

Well from what I hear lots of the problems people had with 4.3.1 (like wifi, 3g, …) are gone in 4.3.2

Once I0n1c has produced the untether binaries for iOS 4.3.2 its likely that new version of RedSn0w and PwnageTool will be released by the iPhone Dev-Team. We’ll let you know as soon as they are available.


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  1. yup, was so happy to jb my phone again with 4.3.2 without the problem with Lion. 🙂

  2. @Jet
    Sounds good!So I guess you updated the DP2 to the DP3.

  3. hi, i am back with good news. i just installed the recent update of OS X Lion and to my surprise, the jailbreak with redsn0w went successfully and i no longer saw that dropdown error message i encountered yesterday. i guess that’s one of the fixes Apple had with the recent update of Lion. anyhow, thanks a lot for your message. 🙂

  4. thanks for the info. now i suspect that it has something to do with OS X Lion because i tried it with my friend’s MacBook with the first release version of OS X Lion. i encountered the same dropdown message. did apple put some security in OS X Lion that prevents somebody to jailbreak? i wonder. anyway, i will try with another laptop with Snow Leopard, if it will be successful, then the culprit is OS X Lion.

  5. @Jet
    You are very welcome. It makes no sence that this problem occurred in OS X Lion,but like what you said the only thing would be ture is Apple just put some security in OS X Lion and stop the jailbreaking.Hope you can get this done soon and if you don’t mind you can share with me if it’s successful.Also,I will keep an eyes on this problem and let you know if I got something to deal with it.

  6. hi, i just tried jailbreaking my iPhone 3GS with 4.3.2 using Redsn0w. but i encountered such a strange problem. actually i have OS X Lion DP2 installed in my MacBook, but am not so sure if it has something to do with the problem i encountered. while on the middle part of the jb process, a dropdown message (in 5 different languages) appears on the screen telling me to restart my computer… and during this period, the jb process stops. i have restarted several times and doing the jb process around 6 or 7 times but i keep on receiving the dropdown message and the jb process is not successful. i did not experience this problem when i jb my iphone 2 weeks ago while i still have the Snow Leopard OS. so strange and am wondering if Lion has something to do with this. any help and comments please.

  7. @Jet
    Yup! This Problem is happens to someone else. And I feel sorry about this problem you asking here because it is a big problem and even happen on iOS 4.3.1 with Redsn0w.For this, just boot to your Snow Leopard partition and do the deed there.I don’t know it may help or not,just let me know if any other problems come out.

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