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The Bard’s Tale v1.3 updated with bug fixes and other enhancements

The Bard's TaleThe Bard’s Tale has just updated to version 1.3 with bug fixes and other support-related enhancements. Read the full details in this version update below.

What’s New in Version 1.3

Bug Fixes:
• iCloud saved games now work for pre-existing saved games.
• iCloud saves games now sorted by time-stamp.
• Black-Screen issue resolved.
• Dialog will no longer skip on its own (which affected 4.x iOS users).
• The Game will no longer auto-save if you are dying or have very low health (requires manual input to save in this case), and on loading a saved game with 0 or very low health will restore to 10 points of health.
• Saved games during wandering-monster encounters on World Map can now be loaded.
• The achievement for defeating the Bugbear of Houton is now awarded correctly.
• Hatcher should no longer go inactive preventing access to Firbolg Mines.

Other Support-Related Enhancements:
• Added dialog for the Gifting Button to have a chance to cancel before going to iTunes Store. Silver reward discontinued at direction of Apple review staff.
• Support-button now goes to custom support page for The Bard’s Tale (to include manual pages and information on known issues in addition to general support form).
• You can now (with instructions from Support staff) send us saved-games for analysis, and Customer Support can now correct problems with Hot-Mod Codes.
• Support staff can now redress loss of in-app-purchases from earlier bugs.

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