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The battle of beer on the table “Tapper World Tour” Trailer

Developer Square One and Warner Bros. recently announced they were going tolaunch a new Game news. The name “Tapper World Tour” Game, the game is based on 80 “Tapper” and production.

“Tapper World Tour” will follow “Tapper” in the delivery of beer theme, players will have to shop around the world, beer, beer delivery to various customers, and the recovery ofempty glass. Seemingly simple gameplay, but it is in the same year was a greatsuccess. All other platforms are also introduced various versions of “Tapper” game.The the “Tapper World Tour” will be maintained on the basis of the original game style,were optimized and improved screen, the control mode is also made specific improvements.

Tapper World Tour on iPhone
Tapper World Tour On iPad

Check out the video below…

On “Tapper World Tour” when released, the current developer Square One yet to disclose detailed information. Ever played “Tapper” old players believe it will this”Tapper World Tour” of interest.

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