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The first Verizon iPhone 4 has been Delivery

With a few days ago started selling Verizon iPhone 4, has been recently released Verizon iPhone 4 photos out of the box, and Claimed to be the first time a phone person. Where he also released a video on the Internet for proof of this. But there is no burst The names of the lucky customers. Many people do not have an appointment to get his own Verizon iPhone 4.However, according to reliable sources, most of the phone will February 7 will be officially transferred to the logistics began. Customers without an appointment only to wait until this month, the official 10 days to get their trafficking Mobile phone.

Let’s check out the video below…

So, how do you like it? Are you trying to get one too?Have you pre-ordered the Verizon iPhone 4? Let us know what do you think in the comment below..

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