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The Hero Perseus HD Price Drop, Free On App Store

The Hero Perseus HD for iPad now drop their price,selling on app store for free.If you are interested, just head over and download it while it’s free for everyone.The Hero Perseus HD current version is 1.3,updated with bugs fixed and better performance.


This is a story about one of the most fascinating figures in Greek Mythology.
A virtuous hero, a model of chivalry, Perseus rescues his future bride, Andromeda, from a monster and his mother from a meretricious and powerful king. A brave and resourceful adventurer, Perseus ranks among the greatest heroes of classical mythology. Follow his breathtaking adventures with our interactive book.
Help Perseus in battle with the vicious Gorgon Medusa and salvation of Andromeda.
This amazingly animated book includes twenty gorgeously illustrated pages.
Objects respond to your hand-gestures and moves when you tilt the iPad Enjoy the amazing technology, rich illustrations and a great story.

[App store Link] Check the price before you download it if you want it for free.

The Hero Perseus HD only works on iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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