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The Lord of the Roads Hack Unlimited Golds

The Lord of the Roads is a new Game has just released on app store. I don’t recommend this Game, or I should say, don’t buy this game!! Trust me, just don’t buy!! This game totally ruined by in app purchases.  You will never get enough golds to upgrade your characters.  Even I hack 9,999,999,999 golds, that’s only can upgrade 2 levels. They are selling 50,000 golds for $1.99, you do the math. What a stupid game. But if you do want to try the game, you can follow the steps below to hack this fu#king game.

How to hack The Lord of the Roads to get unlimited golds without jailbreak:

1. Install and run The Lord of the Roads. (Don’t buy this game,download cracked ipa from here)

2. Exit game and close from multitask.

3. Use iFunbox copy the file named”ministone_lotr_myinfo.rtf"from var/mobile/applications/L.O.R/Documents/ministone_lotr/ to your PC/Mac

4. Use UltraEdit to open the file.

5. Change the first 5 values in first line to ” FF  E3 0B 54 02″

6. Save the file then copy it back to where you just get it from.

7. Now you have 9,999,999,999 golds.

8. But that’s not enough! You will need to do this thousand times to upgraded all your characters. Whenever you use up your golds, then follow the steps above to do it again to get golds.

Once again, do not buy this game. lol

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