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The New iPad: 10-hour battery life

Apple just finished its iPad 3 presentation at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and now we have full tech specs, among which the new Retina Display is its defining feature. But what about the little things? Per pre-event rumors and whispers, the new iPad is a tad heavier and thicker than its predecessor.

The new iPad is 9.4mm thin and weighs in at 1.4lbs. As for the iPad 2, it is 8.8mm deep and weighs in at 1.33lbs (WiFi model). This makes the new one full 0.6mm thicker nad 0.067lbs heavier, but we somehow doubt anyone but the most eagle-eyed fans will notice the difference.

As for its battery, iPad 3 maintains the same ten-hour battery life as both the original iPad and iPad 2. Steve Jobs highlighted the fact at the iPad 2 unveiling, underscoring how iPad 2 features the same “legendary” battery performance as the original model. “We don’t want to give that up”, he said, adding that “this has been tried and tested by many reviewers”.

the new iPad 10 hours battery life

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