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The power of the Apple I and the taste of Information “old school “

A small hitch (now resolved) to load the software, this morning at the Technical University has helped to evoke the real atmosphere of the Apple I: the one of the pioneers of personal computers had to try and try again before he could in a result. And maybe this were the motivation to have a PC. Today, the risk referred in his speech by prof. Meo Angelo, is the opposite: that you lose a basic computer literacy as well as easy to use, able to look also to the true understanding of the machine.

Ready away: the lighting ceremony this morning of the Apple I at the Polytechnic of Turin, this latest Infinite Loop (the MacBook Air) is ready to pass the basic interpreter to his ancestor to begin the demonstration. And yet … nothing happens. The machine is on, but need to load a second time this sull’audiocassetta software originally supplied.

No error of three technicians who have dealt with the historical re-ignition, only a small problem (solved in minutes) than for those who lived through that time was a pioneering thing of course. And perhaps, as unfounded, the real “beautiful Game” because quote Jobs: “The journey is the reward.”

Today, thanks to Apple computers are for “the rest of us who did not know how to program, the risk we run is exactly the opposite: that is lost, even in the polytechnics and science, a culture of computer base in addition to easy to use, able to look also to the understanding of the real machine. One risk mentioned by prof. Meo Angelo, the first university professor to teach computer science in Italy.

Meo, in his speech, then retraced the road, starting from the ’60s has led to the evolution of their machines up to the Apple I. Tools consist of magnetic memory and for which it was necessary to program in machine code (0 and 1), a condition that allowed to trigger a certain relationship between man and machine, and enhance the role of the programmer, now put a little ‘ in the shade and in the alternative from the current, sophisticated PC.


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