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These Photos Were Taken With the iPhone 4S [Gallery]

You might really disappointed that there is no iPhone 5 launched but the iPhone 4S. Yep, I was also thinking that what the heck Apple did in those pasted 16 months after the iPhone 4 released. Well, they made the redesigned iPhone 4S with A5 chip, 7x Grafx, 1GB RAM,increased battery life tο 8 hours οf talk time..Camera :Better thаn οthеr phones, іn fact better thаn ѕοmе point аnԁ shoots 8 megapixel sensor 3264×2448. More pixels! So, here we will take a look some photos that taken with the iPhone 4S,see how good the camera is. Enjoy!!

Photos Taken with iPhone 4S

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