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This is what Nuance-powered text-to-speech sounds like


With the Apple-Nuance partnership all but confirmed, the recordings of Nuance-powered text-to-speech seem to be all the rage because they provide an indication of how an improved text-to-speech synthesis in Mac OS X Lion might sound like. Hit the links below to listen to a select few Nuance-powered voices as WAV files. You can also check out a whole lot more voice recordings here.

• French Canadian (Felix)

• English British Accent (Serena)

• English American Accent (Samantha)

• Spanish (Monica)

• Irish (Moira)

• Scottish (Fionna)

• Mandarin Chinese (Mei Ling)

• Finnish (Mikko)

• German (Yannick)

The difference is obvious. The voices sound more natural and less robotic compared to standard Mac OS X text-to-speech. Plus, Nuance’s RealSpeak software renders a greater range of emotions and accents, from French to Romanian to Thai to Mandarin Chinese and more.

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