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Thor: The Dark World Hack – FREE

Thor: The Dark World is the new Game has just released on App store for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch by Gameloft. So here we go again, here is Thor: The Dark World hack for you to get unlimited everything on your jailbroken iOS device for free. I am not going to provide you the Thor: The Dark World hack, but I will be teaching you how to get Thor: The Dark World hacked with Gameplayer, so you don’t have to pay anyone to get Thor: The Dark World hack.

Thor: The Dark World Hack Features:

  1. Unlimited uru
  2. Unlimited Runes
  3. Unlimited ISO-8

Thor: The Dark World hack

How to hack Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game:

1. Download and install Gameplayer, if you haven’t installed it yet.

2. Launch the game and Gameplayer.

3. Select the game “Thor: TDW” from Gameplayer.

4. Get into the game, and go to ARMOR hit “upgrade” and it will shows you, you don’t have enough gold to upgrade and ask if you want to purchase uru, then stay in that screen, now switch to Gameplayer and enter the amount of uru that asked you to purchase, example “8”, then search.

5. Go back to the game, go to WEAPON and hit “upgrade”, same thing will happen like in step 4, do the same thing but this time enter the amount of uru that asked to purchase, example “18”, then search.

6. Now you will see about 4-6 matched numbers in Gameplayer, then change the DBW one to -99999999

7. Go back to the game then hit uru button that you left from the screen.

8. Done!

VIP method: 

1. Install and run the Game. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download the Thor: The Dark World hack file from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file.

4. Use iFunbox or iTools copy the file to  var/mobile/Applications/Thor: TDW/thor2.app/  (Video tutorial here)

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Set permissions to 777 to the file ” thor2” using iFile. (Video tutorial here)

7. Reboot your device.

8. Done!

9. Go back to the game. go to thor, upgrade, spend all your money, then magic happen

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