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Tickets On The Fly allows your Buy Event Tickets Directly

Tickets on the Fly has announced Tickets on the Fly 1.8 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch has made the organization’s free public ticket sale/ re-sale portal quicker to use and more practical than ever. The Tickets on the Fly app is a unique spin on the direct buyer-to-seller sale/ re-sale forum model that enables users to search out and buy event tickets straight from the owner of the ticket right from their mobile devices without dealing with price hikes and services charges that normally litter heavily marketed "middle-man" ticket outlets such as StubHub and the like. Helping event-goers get in touch with their tickets as directly and cheaply as possible, Tickets on the Fly version 1.8 is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free.
With the release of Tickets on the Fly version 1.8 users will now have the ability to conduct location based ticket searches in addition to the app’s normal search feature. The app itself has also been optimized to ensure that busy users experience improved loading times and smoother overall operation during use. This app is different from every other digital ticket outlet out there for one simple reason. It’s not a ticket broker!
The team responsible for creating Tickets on the Fly isn’t interested in buying someone’s tickets and reselling them at a profit. They simply wanted to make a forum where people looking for tickets to an event – concerts, sports games, the circus, it doesn’t matter – could easily connect with people selling tickets to that same event. This means that ticket buyers don’t have to deal with the ridiculous surcharges – sometimes north of 35% – that conventional ticket resellers charge their unfortunate customers.
The developers responsible for Tickets on the Fly believe strongly that finding good tickets to great events at even better prices should be a right rather than a privilege. As a result, users are free to frequent Tickets on the Fly without ever worrying about being subjected to service fees, membership fees, or any other "we’ll help you if you pay us" fees whatsoever! The app is structured so that ticket shoppers are free to contact ticket sellers and negotiate tickets sales directly on a ticket-by-ticket basis.
To help make things run smoothly, users can browse tickets by different categories, which range from Basketball and Football tickets, to Broadway and Concert tickets among many others. If you can’t find the ticket you’re looking for, feel free to call Ticket on the Fly’s dedicated help-line at 1-888-91-TICKET. The Ticket on the Fly team will search out the person that owns the tickets you want and get them to sign up, getting the ticket you want posted and ready to buy in a matter of minutes. Don’t wait, you’re tickets are waiting for you at Tickets on the Fly!
Pricing and Availability:
Tickets on the Fly 1.8 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.
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