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TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE v1.4.1 gets bug fixes

TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKETIME CRISIS, the legendary arcade cinematic rail shooting series from NAMCO, the creator of PAC-MAN, TEKKEN and ACE COMBAT, thunders back to the App Store with a vengeance! With exhilarating gameplay, next-generation graphics, and an electrifying soundtrack, TIME CRISIS SECOND STRIKE takes the touch-shooting genre to the next level!

As global agent Giorgio Bruno, race against the clock on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to stop multiple terror attacks from the world’s most evil forces.


Innovative controls bring you close to the action! Tap to fire your handgun, drag a finger and unload a fury of machine gun fire as you rush to save the world!

Aside from a standard-issue handgun, your arsenal includes a machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher. Watch out for special enemies to resupply your ammo.

+ EPISODE MODE: clear 10 action-packed stages before the countdown timer reaches 0 and enjoy spectacular cinematic scenes.
+ COMPETITION / TIME ATTACK MODE: pick any stage from the completed episodes and try to clear it as fast as possible.
+ COMPETITION / SCORE ASSAULT MODE: similar to TIME ATTACK, this time try to score as many points as possible.
+ CRISIS MISSION: Prove your abilities in short shooting-skill scenarios.
+ LEADERBOARD CHALLENGE: Compete against Game Center players for top clear score on any completed episode stage!

UNIQUE ACHIEVEMENTS (with Game Center support)
Earn unlockable achievements. Can you prove your sharpshooting skills under so much pressure?

Activate your RAGE by shooting rapidly at enemies and scoring point multipliers.
Points awarded vary: Head-shots > Body-shots > Limb-shots.

What’s New in Version 1.4.1

* Numerous bug fixes.

[Version:1.4.0] * The additional operation manual for the hugely popular “”iGunCon!””
Take your “”iPhone 4/iPad 2″” in your hand and use it like a gun in a real gun battle!
– From the main menu select “”OPTIONS”” → “”CONTROL OPTIONS””, and click the iGunCon control-method button near the top-right of the screen. A “”Searching device”” screen will be displayed.
– Note(1): iGUNCON can only be installed to a gyroscope-equipped iOS device.
– Note(2): You will need the latest update of TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE or TIME CRISIS 2ND STRIKE HD running on a second Apple device (iOS or Mac OS) in order to enjoy CONTROLLER MODE””
Please take the notes into consideration when making your purchase.


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