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Time Warner Forced to Pull Channels From Its iPad App

Time Warner has been forced to pull channels from its iPad app by FOX, Viacom, and Discovery.
The TWCable iPad app lets you watch selected live cable TV channels in your home using a Wi-Fi connection with no new wires, no new TVs, and no new set-top boxes. Despite the many limitations of the app, some programmers feel that you should not be allowed to view the programming you’ve paid for on anything other than devices they approve of.
FOX, Viacom, and Discovery have forced Time Warner to remove the following channels:
● Animal Planet, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, FX, MTV, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Spike, VH1
Time Warner says it will be adding more channels to compensate for the loss and will be pursuing all its legal options in the matter.
"We will be providing replacement channels as quickly as we can, perhaps as early as tomorrow. You won’t need to change anything or update your app in any way to receive these or the additional channels.
In the meantime, we will pursue all of our legal rights against the programmers who don’t share our vision. Your enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm of the programming partners who have embraced the app – rather than those who are solely focused on finding additional ways to reach into wallets of their own viewers – has convinced us more than ever that we are on the right path. We will continue to fight to ensure that you have access to the content you pay for, no matter which screen in your home you choose to view it on."
You can download TWCable TV from the App Store for free.
Read More [ http://iwantmytwcabletvapp.com/ ]

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  1. I am such a big fan of these mobile apps being released from paid TV providers, and can’t wait to see what comes of all this technology. Sadly, It’s is a shame to see that FOX isn’t on board with this release. I have had the capability to stream live DVR recordings and live TV remotely to my iPhone for quite sometime now. I use that Remote Access app from my employer, DISH Network, which has Sling technology. TWC has quite a bit of catching up to do, and this isn’t that great of a start.

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