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Top 5 amazing features of Apple iOS 5 you didn’t know


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Scott Forstall talks about iOS5 for the iPhone at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco

From Steve Jobs’ key note at the 2011 WWDC, it turns out that there are a lot of amazing new features coming in iOS 5. But apart from all those features that Jobs highlighted, Apple has tucked some other cool features in its iOS 5 that were not emphasized in the keynote.

Here is our take on 5 hidden features of iOS 5 that we think you’ll surely love.

FaceTime email

If your carrier does not support FaceTime, don’t worry. You can still set it in motion with your email as ID. It would be done if the activation with phone number fails. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, and then you turn on the FaceTime from settings. However, there are rumors around that FaceTime over 3G is enabled in iOS 5.

Keyboard shortcuts

iOS 5 now offers custom keyboard shortcuts that can be added under Keyboard settings. You can set your own shortcuts for words or even phrases we use in our day to day life. Adding to it, Apple has also included support for a split screen keyboard.

New Music App for iPad

iOS 5 has brought in some really cool changes to the iPod functionality on the iPad and most likely to the iPhone as well, making it a complete overhaul. With an elegant look, theiPod.app has got a new name – Music. It features bigger buttons and has removed some of the annoying album artwork behavior of the old app. You can also find real-time search, an animated Now Playing screen – way better than the earlier one; a tabbed interface and many more.

Better accessibility settings for those with disabilities

Good news for people with visual, auditory, tactile, or cognitive disabilities – iOS 5 now support special hardware for people with disabilities. As the LED camera flash now works with a custom vibration setting, you can actually see and feel when someone is calling. Moreover, you can also set custom vibration patterns, so that you can easily identify the caller and make out the difference between a call, an email, and a text without even looking at the phone.

New 4 and 5 finger multitasking gestures for iPad

There are new 4 and 5 finger gestures available on the iPad now. You can swipe left or right and move easily between apps with 4 or 5 fingers. You can also swipe up to show the app switcher and the multitasking bar, or simply pinch to return to the home screen.

This is not the end. There are lots more interesting new features that Apple iOS 5 has in its store to offer. A great iOS 5 era ahead!

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