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Tower Defense® HD v1.3.4 improved Game play

Tower Defense HDTower Defense® HD for iPad:

Tower Defense comes with new Power-up items
– Extra Lives
– Multiple uses of Special Weapons
– Bonus Resources
– Boost to Tower Power

*Compatible on iOS 5.0*

Tower Defense: Lost Earth, the Game iPhone users are talking about all over the world!
#1 iPhone PAID APP in UK, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark
#1 IPHONE PAID Game in UK, Germany, France, Austria , Sweden, Denmark
#1 IPHONE PAID STRATEGY GAME in US, UK, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Canada, Netherland, Singapore, Poland, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Mali

You may have played other “TD” games but get ready to play THE Tower Defense!

SILVER AWARD Winner by Pocket Gamer
IGN’s Best Mobile Tower Defense Game of 2011

In search of resources that have been exhausted on Earth, you have followed a probe across the galaxy searching for habitable planets. But there are dangers in store! Take command of towers and special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of enemies on the hostile alien planet.

Tower Defense: Lost Earth takes classic defense games out of this world.


“It will give tower defense nuts a deep and nicely packaged experience” – Touch Arcade
“All-in, Tower Defense: Lost Earth provides a sizeable package for anyone interested in tower defence games” – Pocket Gamer
“Perfected the tower defense formula” – Apple’N’Apps
“Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD doesn’t revolutionize the genre, but instead it shows what the new standard to beat is.” – TouchGen
“..it’s probably the best new TD game that’s available right now” – Shockarcade
“…a game that is fresh, great graphics and new ideas throughout the game.” – The Appera


+40 campaign + 7 Challenge maps (additional DLC maps are planned)
+4 different game play modes with different objectives
+9 different towers (additional DLC planned)
+10 enemies with different behaviors
+4 Special Weapons
+5 Different World Themes (play on mountains, barren, ice, crater, lava)

What’s New in Version 1.3.4

What’s newly updated

– Game play improved
Tower Defense is now faster and better!

Tower Defense® HD ipa

Tower Defense® HD IPA for iPad:

Version 1.3.4: FileFactory | Turbobit

Download Full Version

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