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Track Santa Claus for Your Kids Tonight on iPhone / iPad

Here’s a tip that you might not have known – tonight, you can open your stock iOS Maps application and simply search, “Santa” and the Google Map will rush over the location where Santa is currently delivering presents. This is of course, a festive kind of thing and will only work tonight. Each time you search, Santa will be somewhere different as he delivers presents to billions of children all around the world tonight.

Since the search is done from Google Maps, you will be able to use this Santa tracker on any handset, tablet, or computer that supports Google Maps. It’s just a matter of preference or convenience. There are other alternatives to tracking Santa tonight as well as Google Maps.

Who knows; maybe Santa will be over your home when you check to find where he is tonight. Just make sure your children are in bed!

We here at Modmyi hope that everyone reading our page tonight has a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a great new year. We know that tomorrow morning, many new Apple handsets and devices will be opened and turned on after being pulled out from under the Christmas tree. We’ve had another great year of news reporting and we look forward to another one and more to come!

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