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Translate text in Safari with Tap Translate

The Google Translate application released last week, you can quickly and easily translate text. The application even has the ability to speak the text so that it is entered through voice recognition. What just not as easy, it is translating texts on websites with Google Translate. You must then copy the text, open Google Translate, and then paste the text translation. That has to be easier? Yes, Drain-Translate.

Tap Translate translation adds functionality to Safari. You just surf with Safari, and if you want to translate a word in your bookmaks click on Translate and then Tap on the word to translate. You can use the word with a click on the speaker to pronounce. With the plus icon you translate an entire paragraph and the page icon even a whole page.

You need to boot off app Tap Translate your language settings and then Tap Translate to add the bookmarks from Safari. Want to see how it goes? There is a step-by-step instructional video available.

The application supports more than fifty languages, including languages that use characters other than our alphabet, including Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Russian. Tap Translate works on both the iPhone and iPad and the bookmark may also be added to other browsers than Safari.

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