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Transliterate Cydia App Transliterate Your Type From English To 20+ Scripts

One day, you trying to text a Chinese message to make some cool thing to your Chinese friend or other languages to other countries friend,but you don’t understand their languages. So any way can do that with your iPhone? The answer is yes. If you have your iPhone jailbroken,then you can install the Cydia App called ” Transliterate”. This jailbreak tweak can automatically translate the English language to over 20 different scripts / languages.

Transliterate Transliterate is a Cydia tweak that will transliterate word-by-word as you type from English to over 20 different scripts.You can use this if you prefer using the English keyboard over others, or just don’t want to keep switching keyboards. Also useful if you can speak a language but can’t read/write it. This does NOT translate your writing! It merely converts the word that sounds the same in the language of your choice.

How to use Transliterate Cydia App

Set the script you would like to use in Settings and toggle the tweak in Settings or via the SBSettings toggle that comes with this package.When the toggle is on,every word you type anywhere on your device,will automatically change into the same word phonetically in the language script of your choice. The video below will show you how it works.


  • Internet connection required to use the tweak.
  • Google does the actual transliteration, this tweak integrates it with your device.
  • Amharic and Telugu scripts are not available on iOS by default but you may be able to use them with this tweak if you somehow have the scripts enabled on your device.
  • No icons added to home screen. configure options from settings app.

If you are interested in this Cydia app, you can head over to Cydia app store and search “Transliterate”. It’s free for everyone, if you like it,please donate to the developer if you would like to support.

Transliterate Cydia App

As always, in order to use this tweak, you will need to jailbreak your iDevices first, you can follow our jailbreak tutorial to get this job done easily. This tweak is compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5. Enjoy!

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