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Tweet current playing song with TweetSong Jailbreak tweak

The last time we did talk about how to tweet photos to your twitter account quickly on iOS 5. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about how to using another jailbreak tweak on iOS 5 to tweets your current playing song to twitter to share it with your followers. This can be easy if you installed a 15kb size Cydia App to your jailbroken iOS 5 iPhones. This Cydia App called TweetSong. It ‘s free to download and it’s easy for use. Take a look the screenshots below first and I will introduce more information for you!


Nothing special but just showing you the app’s name for you at the above image. Keep reading…


The screenshot above shows you exact how “TweetSong” works. Remember, this app will only tweets the song title and artist to your followers, not the whole song they can be download or anything else. So, it’s time to tell how to use it.

Simply head over to Cydia search ” TweetSong” and install it. Once your have it installed then go ahead to Settings app to configure it via Activator. (needed to had Activator installed first.) Then assigned it. For example, double tap on home button..etc.. Assigned with whatever you prefect with. Now you are good to go. Go back to the home screen, double tap on home button (for example), and send!! Real easy!
TweetSong is free on Cydia for everyone under big boss repo. If you are interested, go and get it. You have nothing to lose. Enjoy this app, enjoy your twittering! Don’ t forget to let us know what you think. Leave your comments below.

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