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Tweetbot v1.8.2 Fixed issue with conversation mode and private accounts

Tweetbot -A Twitter Client with Personality has just updated to version 1.8.2 fixed issue with conversation mode and private accounts.You can download Tweetbot v1.8.2 IPA file from the link given below.

Tweetbot is a full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client with a lot of personality. Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.

Tweetbot v1.8.2 Main Features:

◆ Multiple Timelines. Quickly switch between your lists as your main timeline.
◆ Smart Gestures. Use Twitter more efficiently with time-saving and configurable gestures.
◆ Native Push Notifications.
◆ Customizable Navigation. The last 2 tabs are customizable and unused tabs are easily accessible.
◆ Support for multiple services like Read it Later, Instapaper, Cloudapp URL Shortening.
◆ Save drafts, add locations and POI’s, attach photos and videos, manage your lists, and much more.

Late last month, I wrote a simple guide for how to add Tweetbot to iOS 5 notification center, if you don’t know how to do that , make sure check it out.

Yου саn find out more information аbουt Tweetbot app frοm here. Yου саn рυrсhаѕе Tweetbot frοm app store fοr $2.99 USD. [App store link]

Download Tweetbot v1.8.2 cracked ipafilesonic

Download Tweetbot v1.8.2 cracked ipa -fileserve

Tweetbot 1.8.2 ipa

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