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Twit Pro for Twitter only $0.99

★★★★★ ON SALE – 80% OFF TODAY!
★★★★★ The #1 Twitter App for iPhone/iPad !…
Twit Pro is the ultimate, fastest, easiest-to-use, most convenient Twitter app full-optimized for iPhone 4/iPod/iPad retina display. Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world with Twitter! Take Twitter with you. Personalize it.

It has everything you want on Twitter including rich functionality of posting messages, photos & videos, add locations, tweet symbols (♥ ♫ ☀ ☹☺), geotagging, handling multiple accts, aggregating hottest stories on twitter,upload to facebook (videos/photos), offline-mode & much more…(including universal landscape) .

✓ Beautiful user interface using native iPhone/iPad functionality
✓ Manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts
✓ View all the posts in real-time, view timeline, favorites and direct messages
✓ Tweet photos & videos – Optimized for iPhone 4 / Retina display
✓ Universal app for iPhone and iPad
✓ Add locations
✓ Top Trends (Top 10, Daily, Weekly)
✓ Search Twitter in realtime (including Custom and Nearby Search)
✓ Upload videos to Twitter (via twitvid)
✓ TwitterChannels featuring the best Tweeters on popular topics: Celebrities, Sports, Lifestyle and more…Follow your interests and get instant updates
✓ Instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world
✓ Full Landscape mode
✓ TwitLonger Support
✓ Direct message conversation
✓ Save Searches for quick retrieval
✓ Mentions
✓ View your own follow and followers list, their profiles & tweets
✓ Tap links in a tweet without opening the whole tweet. Built in browser to view links
✓ Follow/un-follow/block/unblock
✓ Reply to tweets and send Direct Messages
✓ Retweet a twitter message
✓ Smooth scrolling of tweets using Touch finger
✓ Color coding of new Tweets
✓ App is optimized for your battery (conserves power)
✓ Fast loading with Offline mode
✓ Twitter’s New Lists Feature
✓ One-Click Intelligent “Geo-Tagging” of your tweets with your location info
✓ Save to Favorites
✔ Upload photos and videos! using Image Services TwitPic, YFrog, Plixi and TwitVid
✔ Lists Feature
✔ TweetBot
★ Offers TRUE OFFLINE browsing
★ Participate in live conversations
✓ Upload pictures from Camera to Twitter

★ FIRST EVER iPhone twitter client with “One-Click Intelligent geo–tagging” functionality – gives users the ability to put their current location info in tweets
★ Upload Video and Photo to Facebook. Auto-update your Facebook status from your Twitter status and avoid double posting – see FAQ#5 below

#1. How do I post a Tweet?
On the Home screen click on the “square icon with a pen” to post a tweet.

#2. How do I Retweet, Reply or Mark as favorite?
Click on the (+) icon to the right of each tweet – a special menu will appear with the options.

#3. How do I upload my picture or videos to Twitter?
When composing a tweet – click on the camera icon to take a picture from camera or shoot a video – it is automatically uploaded to Twitter via twitpic/twitvid when you post that tweet

#4. Is it possible to update my Facebook status with my Twitter status using this app instead of double posting every time?
Yes you can – follow steps below:
Step1: Log in your facebook account and set up the following Facebook app http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/
Step2. All your Twitter updates from this app will now be posted into Facebook with the exception of @reply tweets

For any bugs or request for new features, please email [email protected]

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– Must be connected to the internet to run this app via WiFi, Edge or 3G
All trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.


Yου саn рυrсhаѕе Twit Pro for Twitter 4.1.4 frοm App Store fοr $ 0.99.

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Click here tο download

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