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Twitterrific for iOS Gets Updated With Numerous Improvements

Twitterrific for iOS has been updated with numerous improvements including a load more button for lists and unwrapped t.co links when possible.

Now a universal app for both iPad & iPhone, Twitterrific is the friendly, award-winning Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at easy to use and full of elegant features. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, search Twitter.com, filter message types and much more.

• Universal app for iPhone and iPad
• Simple to use, easy to understand
• Unified display for replies, re-tweets, direct messages, mentions & more
• Timeline syncing of reading position across all versions via Tweet Marker
• Create Twitter-based searches & view lists
• Browse conversation threads between users
• Follow, un-follow and block Twitter users easily
• Filter timeline for specific tweet types & trends
• Helpful actions including: re-tweet, link shortening, email & tweet translation

• Manage additional Twitter accounts
• Remove advertising from the timeline

What’s New In This Version:
• Twitterrific now displays unwrapped t.co links in the timeline whenever possible
• New URL scheme to open a user profile in Twitterrific from other apps (see twitterrific.com/ipad/poweruser for more info)
• Load More button for lists

• Load More button now loads missing tweets that occur in timeline gaps
• Lists are now sorted according to type and then alphabetically
• Retweets are now shown in lists
• Tweet Marker support for lists to sync properly with Tweetbot
• Tweet Marker support for saved searches
• Character count is now calculated correctly when unwrapped URLs are pasted into a new tweet
• Improved handling of non-image Camera+ URL’s
• VoiceOver now reads a tweet’s date last so it can be skipped
• Twitterrific stays scrolled to bottom when loading more tweets than the timeline can hold

• Fixed a bug in landscape mode preventing profile actions from working
• Fixed a bug that prevented global trends from loading properly
• Fixed a crash that occurred when typing HTML character entity references (” “, etc.)
• Fixed a bug that caused selected lists to become un-selected in the sidebar
• Fixed a bug where some user’s avatars appeared super tiny
• Additional bug fixes

You can download Twitterrific for Twitter from the App Store for free.

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