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U.S numbers of Schools Embrace the iPad

“The New York Times” online commentary today that a growing number of American school teachers and students began with iPad, this powerful Tablet PC with thousands of educational applications for teaching activities are brought new change.

The following is the main content of the article:

This week, American students return to school after another. Some of the students more than one bag a brand new Apple iPad tablet PC – it is not their parents buy them, but by the schools.

In the U.S., more and more schools began to iPad as a new teaching tool. Teachers use the device to play multimedia content, to introduce students to the Austrian novelist Franz Kafka; quiz Game using similar teaching of history; use of animation layers of complex mathematical analysis of the problem.

December 20 last year, as part of a pilot project, Long Island, New York school districts Roslyn (Roslyn High School) students and teachers to the two liberal arts classes issued 47 sets iPad. The school hopes to eventually release to all 1,100 students this equipment.

IPad cost $ 750 each. Students will use it as a textbook, use it to interact with teachers to submit papers and homework. In addition, iPad also the performance of students create an electronic file. Roslyn High School English teacher Larry Ralph (Larry Reiff), said: “It allows us to expand the classroom beyond the four q1ang.” Now he course materials available online.

A variety of technology products have been the rage on campus, but also quickly forgotten; while others tried to improve the teaching experience, experiments are mixed. Education are still arguing to each student is equipped with laptop computers can achieve a different teaching.

Currently, schools are trying to get the budget passed, to avoid the dismissal of teachers or reduce teaching projects. In this case, the limited funds spent on Tablet PC, and appears to be a very luxury thing.

Some parents and scholars have expressed concern about the move that the iPad proven educational value of the procurement before the rush, not the rational move. Stanford University professor Larry Cuban (Larry Cuban) said: “The little evidence that children use these devices to learn more, faster and better. IPad able to attract students to participate; but the novelty will gradually disappear, it will highlight the teaching problems. “He believes that these funds should be used for recruitment, training and retention of teachers.

But the school that, iPad is not just a cool new toy, it is a powerful multi-purpose tool, with thousands of applications in education. Sharif said he needed iPad applications can always be found in Apple’s application store. Currently, he is a Shakespeare contains all the applications.

IPad teachers also praised the design: 9.7-inch screen is open, and flat shape to ensure that students and teachers of eye contact. The students also like the light of the device, which they liberated the heavy books.

Rosslyn School’s management said that the first 75 iPad total cost of $ 56,250, is the paperless school and part of the effort to cut costs.

Milburn, New Jersey (Millburn), Nan Shan Primary School (South Mountain Elementary School) the students use two iPad play math games, learning the world map, and read “Winnie the Pooh.” School principal Scott Wolf (Scott Wolfe) said it plans to buy 20 next school year iPad. “This is likely to be elevated from the projector has the greatest impact on the teaching technology of a product.” Wolf said.

New York City public schools have ordered more than 2,000 iPad, total $ 1,300,000. One Bronx Bridge International School of Beijing (Kingsbridge International High School) will receive 300 for 23 teachers and half of the students.

In Chicago, more than 200 public schools for the purchase of iPad, a total of 23 pen grant applications, totaling $ 450,000. Virginia Department of Education is reviewing a value of $ 150,000 of the iPad acquisition proposal, which desire to replace the 11 schools with the iPad in the course of history and pre-university biology textbooks. In California, including four cities, including San Francisco, 6 middle schools is a professor of algebra by iPad course.

But including the University of Michigan engineering professor Elliott Suoluo Wei (Elliot Soloway) and North Texas State University Professor of Technology Kathy Norris (Cathie Norris), including the technology sector has been questioned. They believe that schools can choose to smart phones and other similar but more expensive equipment.

In fact, many schools are using federal or other. Funds to purchase the iPad. “You can take advantage of existing technology and hardware to complete the iPad to complete all the work, but the cost of each device can be reduced from 300 to 400 U.S. dollars.” Suoluo Wei professor said.

Currently, iPad has sold over 750 million units. Is not clear how many units are purchased by schools. Apple iPad schools to nurture the market, has been working with textbook publishers, to develop educational applications, and to sponsor the school management and teachers. However, the intensity of this promotion was not as good as Apple laptops before, when Apple to provide schools with a very substantial discount, and fostered an entire generation of Apple users. The school said the education system only in accordance with Apple’s usual practice, the iPad provides about 10% discount.

Currently, Apple’s App Store application store for the iPad secondary educational applications developed around 5400, of which nearly 1,000 models available for free download.

Princeton, New Jersey Morris – Beard private schools (Morristown-Beard School) Principal Alex Curtis (Alex Curtis), said: “iPad without changing the classroom atmosphere, under the premise of science and technology into the classroom.” The school spent $ 36,000 purchase of 60 iPad, and plans for all students this fall with the device.

Curtis recently purchased a price of USD 1.99 iPad application, the application of the color image can be erased, or add new color. In this way he shows a Michelangelo to the students the importance of color in painting. “Before, we could only explain the history of art on a computer screen,” he said, “When students are free to manipulate the images, these paintings become to life.”

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