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Uninstall Messages and bring iChat back to Mac

Apple has released Messages beta for Mac(iMessages for Mac beta) and many of you have been downloaded it and started using it. But due to it just a beta version, some of you are trying to uninstall it and get your iChat back on your Mac OS X, because whеn уου install Messages, іt replaces iChat. Now, here is a simple guide for you to know how to uninstall Messages and restore iChat to Mac OS X.

How To Uninstall Messages and Restore iChat:


  1. Launch Messages from the Applications folder
  2. Pull down the “Messages” menu up top and select “Uninstall Messages Beta”
    Uninstall Messages Beta
  3. Confirm that you want to uninstall Messages and reinstall iChat by clicking “Install”
    Reinstall iChat
  4. Let the process finish and reboot the Mac to complete the restoration of iChat to OS X

Now, you know how simple to uninstall Messages and bring iChat back to you Mac, so don’t be afraid to try out the “Messages Beta” . Let us know what you think about Messages Beta in comment section below.

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