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Universal iOS Credit Card Reader

PhoneTransact has released Universal iOS Credit Card Reader. The new reader attaches to the dock connector on all iOS devices including the current and previous versions of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
The reader uses 3DES encryption to encrypt the cardholder data in the magnetic read head of the device, thereby enhancing PCI compliance as the cardholder data is kept secured until received by the credit card processor. The compatible iMerchant Pro application shows the first and last four digits of the credit card number along with the cardholder name so that the merchant can verify a good credit card swipe.
The credit card reader is powered by the dock connector, not the headphone jack for even more secure transactions. The reader and iMerchant Pro POS solution work together to enable merchants to accept credit cards using their iPhone, email and print receipts. This device is as an upgrade from headphone jack based solutions and offers premium security for the merchant.
PhoneTransact securely processes tens of millions of dollars a month in credit card transactions through its iMerchant Pro software system. PhoneTransact is an ideal solution for merchants that care about saving as much as possible on their credit card processing costs while maintaining security over their customers cardholder data.


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