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Unlock Your Door With the iPhone


Lockitron lets you use your phone to Unlock your home, business or rental from anywhere in the world and even share virtual keys with family, friends and guests.
Works with most doors
Lockitron works by sending a signal from your phone through our servers to a small device that plugs into your internet router. This in turn talks to your door telling it to lock or unlock. Lockitron is compatible with the most popular lock styles. You can order a Lockitron Self-Install Kit for your through-hole deadbolt, door knob or door handle.
Let family and friends in when you’re not there
Let guests into your beach house while you’re traveling abroad, provision temporary access for contractors at the office, or let friends buzz themselves up to your party without the hassle of physical keys. Any internet-enabled smartphone can use Lockitron. Activate the text message feature to allow any mobile phone to use Lockitron through text messaging.
NFC enabled
If you have a Nexus S, you can lock or unlock your Lockitron enabled door simply by waving your phone over an NFC tag with the pending release of the native Android app.
Lockitron locks start at $295 and can be ordered from the link below…

[via TechCrunch] Check out the video below right after the break

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