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Unlocked iPhones on sale in US Apple Stores Wednesday?

According to the chronicwire (chronic), new Macbook Airs are not headed to Apple Stores Wednesday, but instead, unlocked iPhones!
Last night, we reported that chronic expects refreshed Macbook Airs Wednesday, along with Apple’s back to school promotion. Now it seems that chronic’s source had part numbers mixed up, and unlocked iPhone’s will actually be headed to stores across the US.
Last week, AT&T’s CEO actually thought that they sold unlocked iPhones if you bought the iPhone without a contract. Perhaps he was confused with this recent information?
If unlocked iPhones are indeed coming to US Apple stores, this will be great news for both AT&T users who travel a lot and T-Mobile users who want to use the iPhone with T-Mobile Service (Without 3G).
Chronic also posted model numbers of the devices.
MC603 (16GB, Black)
MC604 (16GB, White)
MC605 (32GB, Black)
MC606 (32GB, White)

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