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Unreal-powered Dream:scape for iOS Coming Next Week


First announced back in April with a promising trailer that showed extensive usage of the Unreal Engine for iOS to depict highly realistic, interactive environments to freely explore, Dream:scape is finally launching next week on June 9th in the App Store. The Game, described as an interactive narrative experience, was actually submitted a few weeks ago soon after the first trailer was posted online, but the submission process didn’t go exactly as planned as the app was certified as being capable of running only on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The Speed Bump Studios developers then went back to coding, re-engineered the app, and re-submitted. Dream:scape should be coming next Saturday and, according to the developers, it will run on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad and iPad 2. As the iPod touch 3rd gen shares hardware similar to 3GS, we assume it will be supported as well.

As for the Game itself, the official website offers this description:

Take on the role of Wilson, a coma patient relearning his past by exploring the dreamscape of his memories. Only there, in the lucid light of the subconscious, buried secrets are revealed, unraveling a decades-old mystery of tragedy, betrayal, and ultimately, revenge.

The screenshots and the trailers revealed so far are very intriguing, though little is known about actual gameplay and mechanics that will involve use of iOS multitouch and other features. We’re looking forward to the launch of this next Unreal-based game for iOS, in the meantime you can watch the new trailer below. [via TouchArcade]

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