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Up In Flames™ Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Up In FlamesUp In Flames™ for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Set the world alight in this physics-based puzzler.

Cute, green, and scaly, Baff the Dragon isn’t your typical superhero but when wolves, sharks, and yetis kidnap his friends it’s time to don his cape and mask!

Unleash Baff’s blazing attacks and burn his enemy’s fortresses to the ground and free his imprisoned friends. Use explosives, springs, boulders and Baff’s dragon friends to your advantage for red-hot results.

Use Baff’s fire-breathing powers to scorch his enemies. Free your friends and use their super powers in addition to your fire-breath to help you burn each level down to the ground.

With over 75 levels, from mountainous regions, to shark-infested beaches, to chilly tundra, players will have to think strategically to earn each level’s three-star rating. See if you can free all the dragons and char all your foes in just one shot.

When a super hero cape just won’t do, Unlock new costumes for Baff to wear. Turn this fire-breathing star into a cowboy, artisan, and more!

• Help Baff save his friends from wolves, sharks, and yetis
• Over 75 levels to set alight in arcade puzzling fun!
• Cute and colorful visuals to accompany its adorable star
• Buy and Unlock new costumes to dress up Baff to best suit you
• UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Up In Flames ipa

Up In Flames cracked ipa

Up In Flames IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Version 1.0: uload.to

Download Full Version

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