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Use iFaith to Save SHSH Blobs + APticket for iOS 5.0 + Build Custom Firmware

iH8sn0w released the updated iFaith not too long ago as I reported earlier this week and it allowed you to save your SHSH blobs and APticket for iOS 5.0 and let you build a custom ‘.ipsw’ file that you could use to restore to iOS 5.0 in iTunes at any time. We already went over that though and there will be another guide coming up that explains how to use that custom ‘.ipsw’ file to downgrade to iOS 5.0. In this guide, we will be showing you how to save your information and build your ‘.ipsw’ file.

1. A Windows machine (or Mac running Windows)
2. iFaith version 1.4
3. An iOS 5.0 iDevice.

The first step is to plug your iDevice into your computer and download iFaith from the link provided above.

Once you download and unzip the iFaith file, open it and you will be welcomed by the iFaith window. Follow the prompts and then click on the Dump SHSH Blobs button as shown by the yellow bounding box below:

You will be prompted with warnings, just click on Proceed:

After that you’ll be shown the credits, just click on Let’s Go!:

iFaith will ask you if you are dumping blobs for an Apple TV or not. I am not so I have clicked on, “No”:

After you do that, you will be asked to power down your iDevice and then put it into DFU mode. Putting your iDevice into DFU mode is simple. You can follow the on-screen instructions of iFaith, or you can just hold down Power and Home for 10 seconds, then let go of Power and continue holding Home for about 15 seconds. Your device will then be in DFU mode and you can click on Start:

Once you click start, iFaith will use a combination of Greenpois0n and Limera1n exploits to enter your iDevice:

Once the exploiting is done, it will begin fetching your SHSH blobs:

When it finishes finding and saving your SHSH blobs, it will prompt you to find a save location for the SHSH blob file. I recommend putting it in your documents folder or somewhere that you will always remember to look when you need to use it. You should back this file up on several drives if you can because it’s a pretty important file:

After you’ve saved it, you’ll get a message saying that it was a success and it will warn you again that the file is really important and asked you to back it up to several locations and even email it to yourself for extra insurance. Just click OK and you will be returned to the main menu:

Once at the main menu again, you are going to use the SHSH file that you saved in order to build a custom ‘.ipsw’ file. To do this, click on the ‘Build *signed* IPSW w/Blobs’ button:

You will be greeted with credits again, just click on the Build IPSW button:

Next, you will be asked to browse for the SHSH blobs file that you saved earlier. So, click on Browse for SHSH Blobs Cache:

Open the file location that you saved it to and click on open:

Now you will be asked to browse for your current iDevice’s ‘.ipsw’ file:

Search for your iOS 5.0 file for the iDevice that you are using in this tutorial, for me this is the iPod touch 4G:

After you select both your files, let iFaith build your custom ‘.ipsw’ file. When it’s finished, you will end up with a weird named file such as ‘000000H3U553N5_iFaith_iPod_Touch_4-5.0 (9A334)_signed.ipsw’. This is the signed file that you will use in this tutorial to restore back to iOS 5.0.

Did everything work out for you this far? Share in the comments below!

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